who is javi?

When you discover your true life purpose, the reason you wake up every morning and give your all, then you have found the most important thing you need in this life. I have found my purpose which is to help you and a million other people through the process of learning to speak Spanish by sharing my culture and knowledge with passion and joy.
Accompany me on this journey!

For 7 years I dedicated myself to engineering, working on the design of machines, buildings and steel bridges, but I always noticed that, although it was something that could give me certain comforts, it never made me feel the passion that is required to exploit all my human potential.

I saw that I could earn money and have a stable life, but I felt within me that something was missing, little by little I began to think … What if I leave everything and start making my dreams come true?

It was then that I decided to leave everything and start flying, one of my big dreams was always to know Brazil, its culture, its people and its beautiful language, Portuguese, and that is how I packed my dreams in two suitcases and set out on a trip to The unknown.

And I felt like my true passion was awakened by sharing my language and my culture.

I believe that when you learn a language, you’re not just learning a set of grammatical structures, you’re also learning about another culture and expanding your knowledge of the world. So this is me, a tireless dreamer who decided to transform his life and embark on his path towards his true passion, teaching the Spanish language.

My mission is to transmit all the knowledge that, as a native and certified teacher of the Spanish language, I can offer you. Through effective teaching strategies, conversational practices and pronunciation exercises, I will help you take your level in the Spanish language to another level.

I invite you to share with me this path full of learning, knowledge and experiences, which will undoubtedly enrich your life. I’ll see you in class.

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